New Pilot Flight Instruction

As many of our members can attest, the path to flying RC aircraft can be daunting. Many of the aircraft manufacturers are building all sorts of technology into the airplanes to assist you in this venture. Although most of the technology is good and works, the best way to learn to fly is with a qualified RC instructor. This is the best chance you have to becoming a safe RC pilot and enjoying the sport to its fullest.

The instructor will work with you on multiple levels, not just flying. You will need to understand the airplane and how it works, mechanics, air surfaces, control surfaces, receiver, servos, batteries etc. How to set up the airplane and make sure it is safe to fly.

You will need to understand the transmitter that you intend to use. Transmitters come in a wide range of use, manufacturers and applications. Some are simple 4 channel, while others are more complicated and include the ability to perform many computer functions. This takes some time to learn, set up and ensure you have control over your aircraft.

Once the instructor feels your equipment and you are ready for the air, your flight training will be advanced. Your instructor will begin the process of helping you to master the Primary TCRCM Student Pilot Maneuvers.

Primary TCRCM Student Pilot Maneuvers

Primary Maneuvers

·      Controlled turns-constant altitude

·      Straight and level flight-both directions

·      Controlled ascents and descents

·      Rectangular landing pattern at safe altitude-both directions

·      Taxi and Takeoffs

Advanced Primary Maneuvers

·      Combined straight flight and Procedure turn 

·      Flat horizontal figure 8

·      Simulated landing approaches over runway centerline

·      Landing approach with crosswind crab adjustment

·      Landing go-around

·      Landings

Solo and Advanced Maneuvers

·      Supervised Solo with Primary Instructor

·      Supervised Solo with Alternate Instructor

·      Straight inverted flight from upright flight

·      One Loop

·      One roll-each direction

·      Recovery from unwanted vertical flight climbing and diving

·      Simulated Dead Stick

Graduation to Private Pilot for Model Airplanes

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