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Click the link below to access the 2020 schedule of field maintenance and mowing days.

Field Maintenance Schedule

Mower Notes

The field is broken into three zones to provide a reasonable unit of work with common mowing machine settings.  The zones are 1) the pit area, 2) the runway, and 3) the North area.  Each is unique with specific requirements and challenges. The East and West end of zones 1 & 3 are divided in line with the middle of the runway.

The care of our equipment is most important.  Depending on the height of the grass, the operator must be aware of the load on the equipment.  The load is controlled by forward speed and depth of cut.  Both mowers are subject to breaking or burning the drive belts, so listen to the mower and be aware of its limitations.  If the grass gets too long, two cuttings may be required with the first cut on a high setting.  The Craftsman mower is specialized for a very short cutting height and is used only on the runway.

Operate both mowers a full throttle.  Note that the throttle control on the Craftsman machine has the choke “on” when the control lever is in the full up position.  Speed control on the Cadet Cub is right foot feed.  The speed control of the Craftsman is the gear selector.

Be aware that some of the sprinkler heads do not always retract fully.  Be alert to the possibility that a sprinkler may be in your path.  The edge of the runway on both sides have sprinklers about 20 feet apart.

Equipment Check

Prior to operation,
1. check engine oil level.
2. Fuel level.
3. Tire pressure.

North Area

The North area is cut with the Cadet Cub mowing deck set on 5.  The long fence line is easiest to cut with the discharge chute toward the runway (clockwise).  Please avoid hitting the fence posts with the deck.  After cutting clockwise, reverse direction to discharge the grass into the previous cut.  This will help reduce mower load by not moving the cut grass in the next pass. Be aware to avoid mowing into the gate area on the North fence.  The slope around the gate will trap the machine.  We use a truck to pull the mower out of the gate area!  Get help if that happens.


The Craftsman mower is customized to produce a short cut.  The forward speed is the only way to control the load of the machine.  When cutting, use forward gear setting 1 or 2. Faster speeds (ie: 3) will likely overload the drive belt.  It may be necessary to first cut the runway with the Cadet Cub on deck level 1 before using the Craftsman.  The operator will have to determine how best to preserve the equipment.  Be alert to the smell of burning drive belt rubber. Discharge cut grass toward the previous cut to reduce load on the machine.

Pit Area

Cut the Pit Area, with the exception of the Safety Zone, on Cadet Cub deck level 4.  The Safety Zone is cut on “H”.  The Safety Zone has been expanded to 15 feet in width from the runway to comply with AMA standards.  Take care around fence to protect the mower deck.  The concrete pads can also bind the mower deck where the pads are substantially above the grass level.

Thank you for helping keep our field in Top Shape!!