Flight Instructor Qualifications

To become a qualified flight instructor for the TCRCM club, please contact, the club president.

Below is the list of instructor expectations.

Instructor Skills Expectations

Besides being a qualified pilot, there are other important attributes that need to be considered.

In 1998 the AMA held three Introductory Pilot Program meetings at different trade shows. One of the main subjects discussed was the definition of a good instructor. The following lists the various traits that are important in choosing an individual:

 Good communicator 

 Patience and even temperament 

 Reliability 

 Consistency 

 Dedication 

 Good teaching skills 

 Good team player 

 Thorough knowledge of equipment 

 Thorough understanding of safety issues 

 Good preflight skills 

 Good piloting skills 

 Ability to judge piloting skills 

 Good at balanced praise and criticism 

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