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Tri-City Radio Controlled Modelers

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Information about proposals, projects, improvements and status will be posted here

2023 Projects – The following is a list of projects that should have considerations for the 2023 season.

  1. Removal of the old storage shed.
  2. Considerations of a new pavilion where the storage shed was located.
  3. Power to the new storage connex.
  4. Repair the ground under the ProtaJohn.
  5. Stain the spectator pavilion.
  6. Install additional concrete for pilot stations, heli pad, aircraft assembly and starting.
  7. Runway Improvements

2022 Projects and Flying Site Improvements

Runway Repairs – Final preparations for winter have been completed.

Building of the new starting tables and the charging station, work day to be planned when the weather gets a bit warmer.

Grant money to support upcoming projects and events for 2023 need to be prepared and submitted.

Project Proposal – This proposal remains in discussion with the membership. A concept proposal has been sent to the City of Richland, Parks and Recreations Committee for review and comment.

Install a 30’X300′ fabric runway on the existing grass field. This installation of new fabric will consume 27 feet wide by 295 feet long strip of the grass runway on the pilot station side. You can download the proposal document by clicking the link below.

Click the link below to see the completed Safety Bench video