Monthly Club Meeting

We had the monthly meeting Thursday, February 20. About 15 members were present.
Scott presented the safety topic about spotters when more than one pilot is flying. It is important and required by our safety standards for this. The spotter makes sure all pilots know others are in the air, alert pilots about landings, takeoffs, and if full scale aircraft approach. Pilots should acknowledge these alerts so everyone knows and understands the field situation. If a pilot doesn’t acknowledge the spotter should verify the message was understood, as some of us are having hearing issues.
All of us should review the field safety requirements posted on the board on the shelter.
Larry presented the financial report. We have about $3400 in the checking account with all known obligations paid to date. This is adequate to meet current known needs. 
Bob presented the field conditions. Field is in good shape as a mild winter so far. We are planning a field cleanup day Saturday, March 21. More to come as the day approaches, but mainly for now, clear out tumbleweeds, wash tables, patio, and other areas. 
The next event is the IMAC, Saturday  and Sunday, April 4 and 5. This is a fundraising event and Jim will be organizing food service. Mark this on your calendar and please respond to Jim when he asks for assistance.
Scott reviewed the FAA proposed rule changes. He encouraged all of us to write the FAA and various representatives. The FAA comment window is only through March 2. This can be a brief paragraph or two, but the most effective can be those that are personal and how it will affect you. Thanks to Scott for keeping us up to date on these proposed changes and encouragement to stay involved.
Larry presented plans being made for a new maintenance shed. It will use the current concrete pad including the open extended area. The idea is to enclose the entire pad, with a wall to separate equipment from a “clean” area for water, snacks, etc.He is in the early design stages so if you have ideas on what you would like to see, or concerns we need to consider please contact Larry in the next couple of weeks. He wants to move from prelim design to a working design so he can begin filling in cost estimates. Right now, it’s looking in the neighborhood of 6-8 thousand dollars. After we have an idea of costs we will begin to line up funding sources, such as City of Richland Parks and AMA grants.Thanks to Larry for his effort in gathering information about siding, roofing, etc.
Next meeting is March 19, 7:00 PM, Ranch and Home conference room, Colombia Park.
Hope to see you soon at the field,

October 15 2019 Meeting

The October club meeting will be Tuesday, October 15, 7:00 PM at Kennewick Public Library on Union Ave.

We will be electing club officers for 2020.

The following have volunteered for service: 

John Patton – President 
Jim Anderson – Vice president 
Larry Fitch – Treasurer 
George Vargo – Secretary 
Scott Page – Safety Officer

Additional nominations can be made from the floor.Lyle Laughery will  be Chief Instructor.

The logo shirts and jackets have been ordered.
Don’t have a firm delivery date, will let you know.
Actual prices including sales tax: 
shirt: 22.80 shirt w/name: 28.23 
jacket: 42.36 jacket w/name: 47.79
The club purchased some extra white logo shirts, in large and extra large if you would like additional.
If I don’t see you at the field, hope to see you at the meeting!John

More Meeting Notes

The following officer nominations will be voted on at the October meeting:
President – John PattonVice President – Jim AndersonTreasurer – Larry FitchSecretary – George VargoField Manager – Bob AndersonSafety Officer – Scott Page
A couple of notes on these positions. Jim will continue as web master, but we would like someone to begin learning the web site maintenance just to have backup.
The Safety Officer is more like a Safety Education position. The FAA and AMA are in the process of changing some of the rules of  model aviation. Scott will be keeping us up to date on changes in the rules and how they effect us. So, many thanks to Scott for taking this on.
In theory, you may make nominations from the floor next month, but these members have stepped up to lead your club and will appreciate your support.
Jim Anderson qualified as flight instructor. Congrats, Jim, and thanks for your contribution to the club and model aviation!
The next meeting is October 15, 7:00 PM at the KENNEWICK LIBRARY on Union. I will be sending out more reminders but note the change in time and venue.
Finally, at the club meeting we discussed changing the meeting nights to the third THURSDAY beginning in February 2020. This was a consensus of the members present, that seems to accommodate various schedules.
Another long email, but quite important for the club. 
Hope to see you at the field!

September Meeting Notes

Had a good club meeting yesterday, the wind calmed down, rain stopped, and Jim grilled some mean burgers and sausages!
Larry is still out of town so we don’t have an updated financial statement, but the club made about $350 on the pattern event, and the club is still in good financial condition.
Bob brought us up to date on the field maintenance. The Cub mower steering is shaky, not to say flakey, so we authorized Bob to get a steering kit. He is also planning to fertilize the field sometime after the irrigation is turned off, probably in November. He will let us know what help he will need.
Members are encouraged to use the “Flying Tomorrow” function on the web site. But you must subscribe with Jim before you will receive emails. 
There were about 5 students from the Hanford High Model Airplane Club at the field last Thursday. Bill, Lyle, and Scott were there as instructors. All the students got all the stick and FPV time they wanted. A nice bunch of students and enthusiastic about the hobby. Dave will check the school calendar and see if we can get in one more afternoon of flying before the weather turns. One of the students, Isaac, also attended the meeting. Nice young man and enthusiastic.

Jim has contact with a Boy Scout Troop leader. He will try to arrange a Saturday morning where the troop can visit the field and get a taste of model flying. More to come.
We will arrange to order TCRCM logo embroidered shirts and jackets for those who wish to purchase them. The shirts are golf type collared shirts, in white, red, blue, or green. They will cost about $25.
Light jackets will be about $30. Both shirts and jackets can have your name printed for an additional $5.So, let me know how many of each, size, color, and if you want your name on them.We need a minimum of 24 total items. The club will purchase and you reimburse the club.
Once we get enough orders I will buy them and give you an approximate delivery date.Jim is also setting up a function on the web site to get the info.
This email is getting long so I will send another email with more info from the meeting.
Hope to see you at the field!

September Club Meeting


September 17, 2019 Meeting



  1. Safety: Heat: hydrate; sun screen; hat; rest in shade
  2. Financial Statement. Larry out of town. Good condition
    1. Made about $350 on pattern event.  
  3. Web Site update – use “flying tomorrow” facility
  4. Field operations – field in great shape! Thanks to Bob and for all who contribute  
  5. Recognition: Jim Anderson qualified as Instructor. Congrats! And Thank You.
  6. Hanford High Club.
    1. 5 students came out Thursday afternoon with Dave Wilson
    1. Lyle, Bill, and Scott were here as instructors. 
    1. All students got flight time and FPV time as they wanted.
    1. All interested and involved with what was going on. An impressive group of students.
    1. One came out Saturday morning and had stick time with Jim.
    1. Dave would like to have one more afternoon before weather turns.
  7. Boy Scout Troop.
    1. Jim has contact
    1. Arrange Saturday morning when they can come out.
  8. Logo shirts
    1. TCRCM logo embroidered golf shirts, about $25; and jackets, about $30.
    1. Minimum 24 total items
    1. Shirts in white, red, blue, or green.
    1. Can be personalized for additional $5.
    1. Can order now, pay when arrive.
  9. Club officers for 2020
    1. Encourage all and new members, too.
    1. Current officers as is.
      1. Jim willing to serve as VP
      1. Safety
      1. Web master. Jim will continue, but would be nice to have someone getting familiar with web maintenance.
    1. Election at October meeting.
  10. Next year’s meeting night. Mondays?
  11. Next meeting October 15. 

Pattern Event

The Pattern Event was successful for the flyers and the club!The weather was warm but a slight breeze made it bearable. and did not effect the flying.The field was in top notch shape. Thank you, Bob, for organizing the field prep, and all who assisted.Jim and Tania prepared the food, and Jim and George V grilled and set up the serving line.All the flyers appreciated the work done by the club for such a nice field and the food.
The September club meeting is September 17 at the field at 6PM. It even may be cool enough to fly some before and we are planning some food to serve. More details to follow.
Hope to see you at the field soon,

Meeting Notes

David Vargo, one of our newer members, soloed last week and Lyle signed him off as pilot. Congratulations, David! Give him your best when you see him.
Be sure to sign up with Jim Anderson to get your name added to the “Who’s flying today” list on the web site. This allows you to know who is planning to fly.
The Pattern Event is August 31 and September 1, Labor Day Weekend. The field is closed to general flying those days. Some participants come a day or two early to practice. While we don’t close the field to general flying, please greet our guests with courtesy.
We will need to do some field prep, such as mowing, weed eating, painting lines, etc. We will probably do most of this on Wednesday, August 28. More to follow. 
We will also need some help on the event days. Jim and Tania volunteered to grill burgers and dogs, but we can always use set up and clean up help.
The Pattern Event is a major fund raiser for the club so participation on field prep or event day is appreciated.
Bill and I are working on the options available for logo shirts and jackets. We’ll let you know specifics when available.
We will be electing new club officers in October. Between now and then be thinking of how you would like to participate. I would encourage all of you, and especially new members  to consider serving.
Our next meeting is September 17. This will probably be the last meeting at the field for this year and it was suggested we have some food! So, plan to come then. We’ll also talk about club officers and where we will have our fall and winter meetings. 
Hope to see you all at the field!

National Model Aviation Day

We are having an open house for National Model Aviation Day. Please invite family and friends.
We will have hot dogs, but please bring a side dish to share, such as, potato salad, cole slaw, beans, etc. or whatever.
We also have a couple of trainer planes you can take friends up for a flight on a buddy box.
We will also take a few minutes to remember our friends who have passed.
Looking forward to seeing you there and enjoying our hobby!

Frank Hirsch

Terry Hane

Fred Fisher

Fred Stong

Bob Julian

Ron (Chief) McMahan 

Clarence Coriveau

Clee Childress

John Hansen

Peter Swift

July Meeting Notes

We had a pleasant if warm evening for the meeting at the field.
Larry reported the on club finances. There is over $12,000 in various cash instruments. Cash in bank is adequate to meet expected expenses for the remainder of the year.Jim is out of town, but we are encouraged to use the “Flying Today” feature on the web site. This is a new feature this year and can let everyone else know who plans to fly that day. Check it out and sign up for it!Bob was also out of town, but the field is in great shape. The weed treatment killed off most of the clover and the dense turf is crowding out what is left.You are encouraged to take advantage of Rob’s offer for flight instruction in the evenings. While it didn’t work out to schedule a specific time each week, Rob is available to arrange mutually convenient times. Thank you, Rob.We reviewed the ARC Fun Day. It was a success because of the great participation by members and wives. It was good to see many new members taking part, also. Great club work!The AMA has designated Saturday, August 17 as National Model Aviation Day. We are planning a fun fly and lunch. Invite family and friends to come out and see what our hobby is about. We have two trainers with buddy boxes so they can get some stick time. The lunch as planned will be hot dogs provided by some members, but everyone is encouraged to bring a side dish to share. More to come as the time gets nearer.We will also use the occasion to remember our flying friends who have passed. We share thoughts, stories, and lies about those who have encouraged us and contributed to where we are today. It was suggested that the club look into getting golf shirts or jackets with the club logo. More to follow.The next meeting will be August 20, again at the field. We will be planning the pattern event which is September 1 and 2, Labor Day weekend. Be thinking of where you may be able to contribute. This is a club fund raiser.
Looks like some good flying weather coming up. Hope to see you at the field soon!!

Arc Fun Day

This is the most awesome club and group of guys around! 

A couple of the guys that have been doing this much longer than I said it was the most pilots, planes, club members, and wives participating to bring a wonderful day to the special needs kids in our community.

We had at least two planes in the air and sometimes three flying at all times. So many of you participated I cannot name everyone who contributed to the  success of the day.

However, we had a new activity this year: Scott Page brought his FPV plane with head sets for 5 kids to see from the sky! Thank you, Scott.

So, I hope each of you takes a moment to reflect on how you brought a measure of happiness to someone else today and how rewarding it is to be part of an organization that takes the time to think of others.

Well done, TCRCM!!

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