Arc Fun Day

This is the most awesome club and group of guys around! 

A couple of the guys that have been doing this much longer than I said it was the most pilots, planes, club members, and wives participating to bring a wonderful day to the special needs kids in our community.

We had at least two planes in the air and sometimes three flying at all times. So many of you participated I cannot name everyone who contributed to the  success of the day.

However, we had a new activity this year: Scott Page brought his FPV plane with head sets for 5 kids to see from the sky! Thank you, Scott.

So, I hope each of you takes a moment to reflect on how you brought a measure of happiness to someone else today and how rewarding it is to be part of an organization that takes the time to think of others.

Well done, TCRCM!!

First Regional Pattern Contest 2019

The club hosted a regional pattern event over the weekend, with about 14 pilots in participation. These pilots came from all over the northwest from Oregon to Montana.The field was in great condition and the service we provided was well received.
Bill was Contest Director and Lyle the Assistant Director. They painted new poles and laid out the stations. Bob organized the field preparation that included upgrading two of the pilot stations, as well as mowing, weed eating, etc.
Scott and his wife, Camille, cooked burgers with a flame thrower.In addition to those mentioned Larry, Jim, Bruce, and Kerry were key contributors in all of these preparations.It’s great to be part of an organization that comes together to make an event like this a success!Hope to see you at the field soon,


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