LIPO Battery C Rating

We all know that the claimed “C” numbers of LiPo batteries are fallacious. Some brand are more outrageously exaggerated than others. If your charger can measure the cell IR (Internal Resistance) of you can use this online tool to calculate the REAL “C” value – as well as establish the maximum amp draw your batteries can deliver without damage. (Realize that the IR measurements from chargers are not as accurate as from higher end dedicated meters)In the example below a brand new “35C” battery is revealed to have an actual C value of 18.35. This is done by simply inputting the capacity, the IR of the highest cell and the cell count. Use the link below to use the calculator.

Wire Connectors vs Soldering

Did you know that properly crimped connectors are less prone to failure than soldered. JST-SH crimping tool (and reading glasses) will allow you to customize the length of servo wires or make single gender wires. The connectors are actually called Dupont connectors. Did I mention reading glasses are helpful 🤓 While I’m not promoting the Hobbyking connection crimper – they do have an excellent video on the process.

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