February 2 2019

Today was, according to the local weather, to be a partly sunny day with a high of 51.  With that in mind a few of us headed to the field to do some long awaited flying.

We arrived at the field at around 10:30 to find a bit of fog with and outlook of clearing and becoming sunny.  Little did we know that Mother Nature had something else in mind.

John and I assembled our planes.  Weather still promising to change.  I got my Pulse XT fired up and on the runway.  Just as I took off, the wind changed to the north and the fog blew in.  Almost loosing site of the plane I was able to turn at the end of the runway and successfully make it back on the ground.  John got his plane fired up and headed to the runway.  Take off successful, but just as I experienced, the fog captured the sky.  He was able to negotiate a turn and back to the runway safely.

Bob made a successful short flight after some struggling with his radio and plane, George had a couple of great flights with his helicopter and Scott made it look easy, obviously the fog did not bother him at all during his two successful flights.  He did have a bit of a challenge with a new to him plane during the ground test.  Throttle up, plane moved backwards.  Back to the hanger for an adjustment.

Weather never changed, the wind and fog stayed, the temperatures hovered around 37 degrees, so the crew was done and complete early in the afternoon.

Pictures curtesy of Camille Page.  Thanks to all, and see you next time.

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