Welcome to the information and news page. Below you can find important information, links and videos regarding the new proposed rules and regulations that will carry a significant impact on our hobby, sport and or flying field.

Hey guys,   Chad Budreau, the executive director of the AMA posts informative videos from time to time — on Facebook.  He posted one today (6 minutes) that’s worth watching — it’s a quick and dirty overview – but I think it’s worth a couple minutes.. 
This is an hour long round table presentation at CES today in Las Vegas.   I’ve no idea if anybody is interested in it or if it’s of any use on website.   I also wonder how many of our members even know Who Josh Bixler is – he was the hobbyist representative on the panel.  

Her constant use of the term drone is a bit excessive

Informational links listed below.

DJI has been a proponent of the remote ID idea from the start.  They worked hand in hand with the FAA in the preparation of the RFID proposal.  Yet once the FAA revealed it they call it “deeply flawed”.  I’ts worth keeping in mind that this article of concern is from those we traditional fixed wing modelers tend to blame for this proposal.  Click the link below.

Below are some examples of correspondence for your use. Please help by sending a note to your elected officials, both local and federal.

he below link is to the AMA website. There is a red banner at the very top taking you to the information. All members are encouraged to write a response. Do not copy and paste the AMA response as “canned” responses are all counted as one response. Write a few sentences of your own and how it affects you personally.

The link below is the web site of congress to write about the issue also. The US Representative from our area is Dan Newhouse. Our senators are Patti Murray and Maria Cantwell. Various links are available to send them emails.

Be sure to reference that you are writing about the FAA Proposed Rule on Unmanned Aircraft Systems.https://www.congress.gov/member
The link here can be used to contact the President.

By the way, most searches about Donald Trump take you to contribution pages, but his one opens a link to write an email. I don’t mind if you make a contribution but I don’t want to be accused of using our club for “lobbying”.https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact

Again, this proposed rule would significantly change how we fly our models. So please learn about the issue and write the FAA, Congressman, Senators, and President. Make the notes personal and not emotional. The deadline for the FAA comments is March 2. 

Thanks for being a great club, hope to see you at the field soon!