The club operates its business under the rules and regulation and club by laws.

In addition the club supports the rules and guidelines of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA).

The flying site has safety rules that must be abided by to ensure the safety of all who use the site including pilots and spectators.  We share our location with the Off Road Motorcycle Club and a Paint Ball Association.  The three entities jointly use the land and resources in a manner of mutual respect, while consideration for sustainable land management and use.

The following documents are available for view and download by clicking the links below.

Tri-Citiy_Radio_Control_Modelers_Club_-_BYLAWS_6 2017 rev2


AMA Rules and Guidelines. 

Tri Cities Remote Control Modelers

Membership Dues 

January 2021

The bylaws of TCRCM provide that the Board of Directors establish dues for each year. The basic categories of membership are below. All can be modified by the board. Dues are payable January 1 of each year regardless of AMA membership dates.

General 100% of annual dues 

Annual dues are $100.

Regular Membership – 100% of annual dues

Junior Membership – 33% of annual dues 

Family Membership – 133% of annual dues 

The board has previously added an exception to the Junior category in that Hanford High Students in the model aviation club, have the fee waived and may fly with appropriate supervision and an AMA membership.

Dues for new members who join the club after August 1, Regular Membership $50; Family Membership $65. This is for new members only. Previous members who pay late are not eligible for this exception.

The Board may also make exceptions in unusual situations due to health or other personal situations.