Plan to come out on New Year’s day and join in the fun. Who knows, we could be flying off of grass, snow or ice.

The weather provided for a good day of flying with light winds, but cool temperatures. Approximately 25 members came out to support the day, pay dues and get the 2021 combinations to the gate locks. Many different planes were featured during the day. The runway had a covering of snow which presents a challenge of getting some of the craft into the air. Skids, skies, floats and big wheels were the answer to getting the aircraft down the runway with enough speed to take off.

The event kicks off the flying season for the New Year. Clyde Crash Cup was awarded and Scott presented a condensed version of the FAA new ruling and how it affects our club and flying.

January 1 2021 Wind and Temperature Forecast

Presidents Message:

There was a great turn out for the event this year. Over 20 attended at some point or other and many got in first flights. The temp was cool, but little to no wind. Some of us remarked that it was one of the more pleasant Polar Bears in recent years.
To the surprise of many the runway was still covered in snow/ice/slush and only planes with large tires and the flying “W”s could get off the ground. Of course, hand launched gliders weren’t a problem.
JIm Anderson was awarded the much coveted Clyde Crashcup Trophy for his back to back crashes on the same day. He conceded there was probably much entertainment value for the rest of us if not for himself. Congrats! Jim.
Scott brought us up to date on the remote ID rule changes from the FAA. Still several months off, but as of now, no big changes for us. We’ll keep you informed as things progress.
The gate combo’s were changed. I sent a separate email to those who paid via paypal or early payments and may not have been there yesterday. If you did pay early and did not get my email about the gate combo change, let me know.
Looking forward to seeing all of you in the new year.