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Please check with the organizers of the events. Events may be cancelled.

There is one more indoor date, March 1st, also note Volcano Fun Fly May16th and 17th, and our Heli Fun Fly June 17t through the 21st, other things coming up include Weavers Breakfast, March 20th – 22nd, there will be a huge auction 9:00 AM Saturday, Breakfast is free, please bring an item for the auction worth at least $15.00, open flying once the auction is over. There is a lot going on at weavers field this year, Scale, Aero Tow, Heli’s, FPV racing and more, check their web site for all the dates. MAA Float Fly at Finley June 9th and 10th. At Wenatchee, Spring Swap Meet April 4th and 5th, Apple Blossom Fly in May 2nd and 3rd. Also at Wenatchee is the Northwest Jamboree June 5th -7th, we went to this last year had a great time, there was a lot going on, AMA was there, along with a number of vendors, this event will probably be growing. This is just some of what is coming up this spring so start marking up your calendar.

Yakima Valley Aero Modelers.   Spring Opener, Ben’s Strip Zillah Washington. April 24th – 25th – 26th2020                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Open fly in, all pilot and types of RC aircraft are welcome. Pilots landing fee $20, Pilot Meetings at 9:00 AM.  Open flying all weekend with a Saturday Noontime. Air Show and Auction, Raffle drawing 1:00 PM Sunday. Dry camping on site with electrical hookups available. Our Touch and Go Café will be serving breakfast and lunch each day with dinner available on Saturday night. CD Ryan Siebol 509-930-8132 Additional contact Joe Ball 1-509-494-2514. We are located 3 1/2 miles north of Zillah off of Chyene RD

Upcoming area club events.

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