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So maybe you have read some modeling magazines, talked with a friend who flies, and are thinking R/C models might be fun! Or you have already taken the big plunge, and bought/built your first R/C model, and now need to get it in the air. 

The Tri-City RC Modelers has a group of highly experienced flight instructors that are available, free of charge, to new club members for primary flight training as well as existing members that would like a refresher or advanced training. In addition, instructors are available to check out new aircraft, radios, etc. and provide preflight set up verification prior to a first flight. 

Set up of an aircraft and radio system can be relatively simple or extremely complicated. There are many checks required to be completed to ensure the system is flight ready. This process can take many hours depending on the aircraft, the radio, and the programming required to ensure a safe flight. It is better to make arrangements to meet somewhere other than the field to perform these checks. Some of the checks and set up require specialized equipment; example balancing the aircraft for center of gravity and setting up the control surface throws, binding the receiver to the radio and them performing the radio set up. Sometimes this can be done in 1-2 hours and in other cases it can take up most of a day or two. 

Students must call an instructor and arrange for a time to meet. A primary meeting will be held with the student to evaluate their current level of skill and examine the equipment to be used.  Showing up at the field and hoping an instructor will be there to help you is not a good idea. Club instructors may be at the field, may have a full student load for the day or may be there for a day of flying their own equipment. Although most instructors and members are willing to help out new pilots, making appointments and prior arrangements with an instructor is the best approach. 

Please respect the instructors time and availability. If you cannot make an appointment, please call the instructor and reschedule. Club policy (insurance driven) requires primary flight instruction be given by club designated instructors. 

Students are encouraged to utilize as many instructors as possible during the training process. Exposure to different methods and techniques is the best way to become a skilled pilot! Learning the ins and outs of RC flying from a seasoned, qualified RC flight instructor will better your chances of become a responsible and safe pilot. 

Member wishes to become a club instructor, should contact the, Head Instructor.

Head InstructorLyle Laughery
Fixed WingRob Opgenorth(509) 4306958
Steve Sterling(509) 783-1143
Bill Bowen(509) 222-4262
Gordon Anderson(509) 628-6851
(509) 588-5410
Jim Anderson(509) 554-2711
Larry Salsberry(509) 378-0851

Please contact an instructor to make arrangements for their time. 

Each year the club will offer a Take Off and Grow event. This event is open to everyone with an interest in RC flying, airplanes, helicopters, drones etc. Click this link for more information.

Take Off And Grow.


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