Arc Fun Day

This is the most awesome club and group of guys around!  A couple of the guys that have been doing this much longer than I said it was the most pilots, planes, club members, and wives participating to bring a wonderful day to the special needs kids in our community. We had at least two... Continue Reading →

First Regional Pattern Contest 2019

The club hosted a regional pattern event over the weekend, with about 14 pilots in participation. These pilots came from all over the northwest from Oregon to Montana.The field was in great condition and the service we provided was well received.Bill was Contest Director and Lyle the Assistant Director. They painted new poles and laid... Continue Reading →

February 2 2019

Today was, according to the local weather, to be a partly sunny day with a high of 51.  With that in mind a few of us headed to the field to do some long awaited flying. We arrived at the field at around 10:30 to find a bit of fog with and outlook of clearing... Continue Reading →

Field Maintenance

Maintenance, clean up and other work requirements.   Mower Notes The field is broken into three zones to provide a reasonable unit of work with common mowing machine settings.  The zones are: 1) the pit area, 2) the runway, and 3) the North area.  Each is unique with specific requirements and challenges. The East and West end of... Continue Reading →

Polar Bear Fly 2019

Happy New Year 2019 - Polar Bear Fly I arrived at the field around 10 am.  John was already at the site setting up.  A few members had arrived and some flying already in progress.  The weather was somewhat good, considering the time of year, with 37 degrees, low to NO winds, partly cloudy skies.... Continue Reading →

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