TCRCM – Annual Meeting

The 2019 Annual Meeting of the Tri Cities Radio Control Modelers was January 19 at Isla Bonita.

The meeting was well attended with much conversation and good times.

The club officers were introduced:

John Patton, President

Larry Fitch, Treasurer

George Vargo, Secretary

Bob Anderson, Field Manager

Jim Anderson, Web Manager

Larry reported on the financial status of the club. The club did well in 2018 with a surplus at the end of the year of about $1000.

John recapped last year with an outlook for the coming year’s events.

The following were recognized for their service and leadership to the club:

Lyle Laughery for his years as chief instructor and leadership as a club officer.

Doug Larsen for his years of service and leadership as club treasurer.

Steve Sterling for his years as web manager and leadership.

George Kozlik was ill and was not present to make the Clyde Crashcup award, but he sent a message that was read. With much humor and laughter, this year’s award went to Scott Page for his remarkable achievement of hitting the wind sock pole at probably 100 mph with his foamy electric racer.

Jim Anderson presented the changes he is making on the web page. It will have a new look as well as various areas of club interest and news using drop down menus. We look forward to seeing the new web site.

Rob Skiba was not able to attend, but George Vargo updated the club on the jet event in September in Othello.

Again, a well-attended meeting with all looking forward to the coming flying season.