Monthly Club Meeting

We had the monthly meeting Thursday, February 20. About 15 members were present.
Scott presented the safety topic about spotters when more than one pilot is flying. It is important and required by our safety standards for this. The spotter makes sure all pilots know others are in the air, alert pilots about landings, takeoffs, and if full scale aircraft approach. Pilots should acknowledge these alerts so everyone knows and understands the field situation. If a pilot doesn’t acknowledge the spotter should verify the message was understood, as some of us are having hearing issues.
All of us should review the field safety requirements posted on the board on the shelter.
Larry presented the financial report. We have about $3400 in the checking account with all known obligations paid to date. This is adequate to meet current known needs. 
Bob presented the field conditions. Field is in good shape as a mild winter so far. We are planning a field cleanup day Saturday, March 21. More to come as the day approaches, but mainly for now, clear out tumbleweeds, wash tables, patio, and other areas. 
The next event is the IMAC, Saturday  and Sunday, April 4 and 5. This is a fundraising event and Jim will be organizing food service. Mark this on your calendar and please respond to Jim when he asks for assistance.
Scott reviewed the FAA proposed rule changes. He encouraged all of us to write the FAA and various representatives. The FAA comment window is only through March 2. This can be a brief paragraph or two, but the most effective can be those that are personal and how it will affect you. Thanks to Scott for keeping us up to date on these proposed changes and encouragement to stay involved.
Larry presented plans being made for a new maintenance shed. It will use the current concrete pad including the open extended area. The idea is to enclose the entire pad, with a wall to separate equipment from a “clean” area for water, snacks, etc.He is in the early design stages so if you have ideas on what you would like to see, or concerns we need to consider please contact Larry in the next couple of weeks. He wants to move from prelim design to a working design so he can begin filling in cost estimates. Right now, it’s looking in the neighborhood of 6-8 thousand dollars. After we have an idea of costs we will begin to line up funding sources, such as City of Richland Parks and AMA grants.Thanks to Larry for his effort in gathering information about siding, roofing, etc.
Next meeting is March 19, 7:00 PM, Ranch and Home conference room, Colombia Park.
Hope to see you soon at the field,

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