Slow Survival Combat (SSC)

Slow Survivable Combat (SSC). SSC is the most popular class RC Combat has to offer. Only having a .15 engine and a rpm limit (17,500) reduces the speed and the severity of the crashes that are bound to happen.

Thrill of the chase and cut

The objective of SSC is to recreate the excitement of aerial combat in an enjoyable, safe competition that will be interesting for spectators and challenging for the contestants.

Combat is the most exciting five minutes you can have in RC! There’s nothing like chasing your opponent as he dives for the deck, turning left and weaving right! All of a sudden somebody’s on your six, you pull up and head for the sky. You yank a hard left turn and just barely escape with your streamer still intact.

Combat is flown with a 30′ streamer tied to each pilot’s airplane. The object is to cut your opponent’s streamer while trying to protect your own streamer. Points are awarded for how many kills (streamers you cut) you get, and how much of your own streamer you bring back from the battle.

Although referred to as Slow Survival Combat, don’t let the name fool you. A five minute mission provides an ultimate adrenaline rush. Believe me, after the five minute mission and with your plane safely back into its stand, you will appreciate the 15 minute break between missions. Each day of competition consists of six, five minute missions.

The planes are a construction of aluminum rails, .15 size engine, covered foam main wing, tail wing and stab cut from sign board, 3 servos, a fuel tank, battery and receiver. There is a minimum weight limit of 2.5 lbs. The engine RPM is limited to 17,500 (approx. 50 – 55 mph), 8×3 propeller.

A complete set of rules can be found at RCCombat Association web site.

I have enjoyed the thrill of competition in the past, and would like to start a group within our club. If this is something you may find interesting or would like more information, please contact Jim Anderson @ 509-554-2711 or by email at

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