Clyde Crash Cup Contender

Ever have one of those days when you really want to go to the field, but now that you shouldn’t. Well yesterday was one for me.

I arrived at the field around 10 am, weather ok, winds very low. Shortly after arrival, a single cloud opened up and it started to rain. Another sign that flying was not in the cards for me. But I waited it out and the rain stopped.

I have been resurrecting an aircraft that Bill Bowen passed on, a beautiful BlueHawk bi-plane. The resurrection finished out very good, the plane looked great. So today would be its Maiden Flight.

Started the engine, warmed it up, did a bit of tuning and then off to the runway. A bit nose heavy, but controllable, I raised the throttle and headed down the runway for a fairly uneventful take off. As I climbed out, I noticed she was a bit heavy on the right side and needed a bit of left aileron to maintain level flight. Not a problem, continued to climb and make my right turn in preparations for trimming. As I came out of the turn, still climbing, the aircraft decided to do a trick of its own, an inverted dive. With little altitude to correct, the impact with the ground was inevitable. Picture below shows the rest of the story.

Not much to save here

After collecting the wreckage, I brought out my back up plane for the day. A high wing trainer that I have flown many times. I had just finished a modification to the wing mounting, by adding wing bolts and wood pins to hold the wing on. Was kinda tired of searching for and using the rubber bands.

So, off to the sky, flying pattern circles, figure eights, and then loops. First loop ok, second loop not so much. A the plane came to the top of the loop, the main wing decided to exit the airplane floating gracefully to the ground. The rest of the plane became a high speed lawn dart.

Not much to save here.

So, I loaded the truck with what I had left, gathered all the debris and headed home, to where no doubt, I should have stayed.

Cheers, Jim

IF you see anything you like, let me know, sale prices are very low.

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