September Meeting Notes

Had a good club meeting yesterday, the wind calmed down, rain stopped, and Jim grilled some mean burgers and sausages!
Larry is still out of town so we don’t have an updated financial statement, but the club made about $350 on the pattern event, and the club is still in good financial condition.
Bob brought us up to date on the field maintenance. The Cub mower steering is shaky, not to say flakey, so we authorized Bob to get a steering kit. He is also planning to fertilize the field sometime after the irrigation is turned off, probably in November. He will let us know what help he will need.
Members are encouraged to use the “Flying Tomorrow” function on the web site. But you must subscribe with Jim before you will receive emails. 
There were about 5 students from the Hanford High Model Airplane Club at the field last Thursday. Bill, Lyle, and Scott were there as instructors. All the students got all the stick and FPV time they wanted. A nice bunch of students and enthusiastic about the hobby. Dave will check the school calendar and see if we can get in one more afternoon of flying before the weather turns. One of the students, Isaac, also attended the meeting. Nice young man and enthusiastic.

Jim has contact with a Boy Scout Troop leader. He will try to arrange a Saturday morning where the troop can visit the field and get a taste of model flying. More to come.
We will arrange to order TCRCM logo embroidered shirts and jackets for those who wish to purchase them. The shirts are golf type collared shirts, in white, red, blue, or green. They will cost about $25.
Light jackets will be about $30. Both shirts and jackets can have your name printed for an additional $5.So, let me know how many of each, size, color, and if you want your name on them.We need a minimum of 24 total items. The club will purchase and you reimburse the club.
Once we get enough orders I will buy them and give you an approximate delivery date.Jim is also setting up a function on the web site to get the info.
This email is getting long so I will send another email with more info from the meeting.
Hope to see you at the field!

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