More Meeting Notes

The following officer nominations will be voted on at the October meeting:
President – John PattonVice President – Jim AndersonTreasurer – Larry FitchSecretary – George VargoField Manager – Bob AndersonSafety Officer – Scott Page
A couple of notes on these positions. Jim will continue as web master, but we would like someone to begin learning the web site maintenance just to have backup.
The Safety Officer is more like a Safety Education position. The FAA and AMA are in the process of changing some of the rules of  model aviation. Scott will be keeping us up to date on changes in the rules and how they effect us. So, many thanks to Scott for taking this on.
In theory, you may make nominations from the floor next month, but these members have stepped up to lead your club and will appreciate your support.
Jim Anderson qualified as flight instructor. Congrats, Jim, and thanks for your contribution to the club and model aviation!
The next meeting is October 15, 7:00 PM at the KENNEWICK LIBRARY on Union. I will be sending out more reminders but note the change in time and venue.
Finally, at the club meeting we discussed changing the meeting nights to the third THURSDAY beginning in February 2020. This was a consensus of the members present, that seems to accommodate various schedules.
Another long email, but quite important for the club. 
Hope to see you at the field!

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