September Club Meeting


September 17, 2019 Meeting



  1. Safety: Heat: hydrate; sun screen; hat; rest in shade
  2. Financial Statement. Larry out of town. Good condition
    1. Made about $350 on pattern event.  
  3. Web Site update – use “flying tomorrow” facility
  4. Field operations – field in great shape! Thanks to Bob and for all who contribute  
  5. Recognition: Jim Anderson qualified as Instructor. Congrats! And Thank You.
  6. Hanford High Club.
    1. 5 students came out Thursday afternoon with Dave Wilson
    1. Lyle, Bill, and Scott were here as instructors. 
    1. All students got flight time and FPV time as they wanted.
    1. All interested and involved with what was going on. An impressive group of students.
    1. One came out Saturday morning and had stick time with Jim.
    1. Dave would like to have one more afternoon before weather turns.
  7. Boy Scout Troop.
    1. Jim has contact
    1. Arrange Saturday morning when they can come out.
  8. Logo shirts
    1. TCRCM logo embroidered golf shirts, about $25; and jackets, about $30.
    1. Minimum 24 total items
    1. Shirts in white, red, blue, or green.
    1. Can be personalized for additional $5.
    1. Can order now, pay when arrive.
  9. Club officers for 2020
    1. Encourage all and new members, too.
    1. Current officers as is.
      1. Jim willing to serve as VP
      1. Safety
      1. Web master. Jim will continue, but would be nice to have someone getting familiar with web maintenance.
    1. Election at October meeting.
  10. Next year’s meeting night. Mondays?
  11. Next meeting October 15. 

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