Meeting Notes

David Vargo, one of our newer members, soloed last week and Lyle signed him off as pilot. Congratulations, David! Give him your best when you see him.
Be sure to sign up with Jim Anderson to get your name added to the “Who’s flying today” list on the web site. This allows you to know who is planning to fly.
The Pattern Event is August 31 and September 1, Labor Day Weekend. The field is closed to general flying those days. Some participants come a day or two early to practice. While we don’t close the field to general flying, please greet our guests with courtesy.
We will need to do some field prep, such as mowing, weed eating, painting lines, etc. We will probably do most of this on Wednesday, August 28. More to follow. 
We will also need some help on the event days. Jim and Tania volunteered to grill burgers and dogs, but we can always use set up and clean up help.
The Pattern Event is a major fund raiser for the club so participation on field prep or event day is appreciated.
Bill and I are working on the options available for logo shirts and jackets. We’ll let you know specifics when available.
We will be electing new club officers in October. Between now and then be thinking of how you would like to participate. I would encourage all of you, and especially new members  to consider serving.
Our next meeting is September 17. This will probably be the last meeting at the field for this year and it was suggested we have some food! So, plan to come then. We’ll also talk about club officers and where we will have our fall and winter meetings. 
Hope to see you all at the field!

Fun in the Sun Pattern Contest

D-8 Pilots
Our next competition will be the “Fun in the Sun” pattern contest in Richland WA  on August 31-September 1, 2019 at the Tri-Cities Radio Control Modelers home field in the Richland Off-Road Vehicle Park; 50001 Beardsley Road, Richland, WA 99352.
All pattern classes will be flown with first time Sportsman participants to fly for free.  The plan is to fly 6 rounds with the final round being completed early Sunday afternoon.  
The participant banquet will be on Saturday evening,  6:30 PM at 3-Margaritas Restaurant, 627 Jadwin Ave.  Richland, WA 99352.
 The field is looking great with the 600 ft grass runway being putting green quality.  The weather forecast is looking good with light winds, no rain, and sunny.
Dry camping for RVs is permitted with potable water available adjacent to the entrance gate.  The gate lock combination is the same as it was for our May 2019 contest, but if you do not have it please email or call me (509) 222-4262, or Lyle Laughery at (509) 438-1060.
Looking forward to seeing you all.
Bill Bowen

National Model Aviation Day

We are having an open house for National Model Aviation Day. Please invite family and friends.
We will have hot dogs, but please bring a side dish to share, such as, potato salad, cole slaw, beans, etc. or whatever.
We also have a couple of trainer planes you can take friends up for a flight on a buddy box.
We will also take a few minutes to remember our friends who have passed.
Looking forward to seeing you there and enjoying our hobby!

Frank Hirsch

Terry Hane

Fred Fisher

Fred Stong

Bob Julian

Ron (Chief) McMahan 

Clarence Coriveau

Clee Childress

John Hansen

Peter Swift

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