Tuesday Instruction Night

We had our first Tuesday instruction yesterday. While warm and breezy George had several successful flights on his giant Edge 540; Jim flew his knock around electric; and Rob test flew my Extra 300. Unfortunately, no visitors or new folks showed up, but we’ll keep at it.Thank you, Rob!!

The club hosts a pattern event Memorial Day weekend, Saturday and Sunday, May 25 and 26. Many fliers will be here on Friday, May24.So, to prepare, we need help on Thursday, the 23rd for mowing, weed eating(not the fun kind), marking off flying stations, etc.On Saturday and Sunday we will be serving food, and assisting where we can for the smooth running of the event.This is a major fund raiser for the club, so please be thinking where you can help.

Our May club meeting is Tuesday, May 21, 6:00PM AT THE FIELD!Please attend and let us know where you can help out.
Hope to see all of you soon,

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