First Regional Pattern Contest 2019

The club hosted a regional pattern event over the weekend, with about 14 pilots in participation. These pilots came from all over the northwest from Oregon to Montana.The field was in great condition and the service we provided was well received.
Bill was Contest Director and Lyle the Assistant Director. They painted new poles and laid out the stations. Bob organized the field preparation that included upgrading two of the pilot stations, as well as mowing, weed eating, etc.
Scott and his wife, Camille, cooked burgers with a flame thrower.In addition to those mentioned Larry, Jim, Bruce, and Kerry were key contributors in all of these preparations.It’s great to be part of an organization that comes together to make an event like this a success!Hope to see you at the field soon,


May 20 2019

The monthly club meeting is tomorrow, Tuesday, May 21, 6:00PM AT THE FIELD.

We will be discussing plans for supporting the Pattern Event this coming weekend. This is a major fund raiser, so come on out and see where you can help. We need field support on Thursday, and help both Saturday and Sunday.Rob will also be instructing at 5:00. 

Then break for the meeting and resume flying. Attached is the agenda and an updated club roster. I’ve tried to get all the corrections you sent me. If there are still some to be made let me know at the meeting tomorrow.

See you tomorrow!



May 21, 2019 Meeting



  1. Safety: Lyle
    1. Lyle received CD designation
    1. Safety barrier
    1. Pilot stations
    1. Flying behind flight line
  2. Financial Statement. Larry
  3. Web Site update – Jim
  4. Field operations  – Bob
    1. Runway mower
    1. Caution tape – thanks Jim      
  5. Tuesday evening instruction. Rob Skiba instructor.
    1. Cancellation notice will be sent by 2:00PM.
    1. Posted on Web and email
  6. Pattern Event
    1. Pattern contest – this weekend
    1. Thursday. Field prep
      1. Mow runway and pit
      1. Paint boxes
    1. Saturday and Sunday
      1. Cash collection – Larry
      1. Food prep – Scott
      1. Food service – volunteers
      1. Clean up – volunteers
  7. Save the date: ARC of Tri Cities- July 12 

Tuesday Instruction Night

We had our first Tuesday instruction yesterday. While warm and breezy George had several successful flights on his giant Edge 540; Jim flew his knock around electric; and Rob test flew my Extra 300. Unfortunately, no visitors or new folks showed up, but we’ll keep at it.Thank you, Rob!!

The club hosts a pattern event Memorial Day weekend, Saturday and Sunday, May 25 and 26. Many fliers will be here on Friday, May24.So, to prepare, we need help on Thursday, the 23rd for mowing, weed eating(not the fun kind), marking off flying stations, etc.On Saturday and Sunday we will be serving food, and assisting where we can for the smooth running of the event.This is a major fund raiser for the club, so please be thinking where you can help.

Our May club meeting is Tuesday, May 21, 6:00PM AT THE FIELD!Please attend and let us know where you can help out.
Hope to see all of you soon,

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