April Meeting Notes

Just a few notes from the meeting. This was a good meeting, with great attendance.We welcomed new members Ron, Larry, and Jim. James wasn’t able to attend but greet him at the field when you see him.Larry updated us on the financial situation. Revenue from the IMAC and dog run events gathered about $600 net. We have ample funds in the bank to cover foreseeable expenses.Jim is continually updating the web site. Check in often to see latest updates.Bob reported the irrigation water is on and will set  up a watering schedule. He will be needing mowing volunteers so contact him to get on his schedule.The IMAC event was a success for the pilots as well as the club. Scott cooked hamburgers and “flamed” them for a nice char.May 7 begins evening instruction at he field from 5:00PM until dusk. Rob Skiba will be instructor. Invite your friends who may have shown interest in the hobby. Rob can also help us with radio set up, maiden new planes, and generally check out your plane if it doesn’t “feel right”.The next event is the Pattern Contest, Memorial Day weekend. More info to follow.The jet event which had been scheduled for September has been postponed for this year.ARC of the Tri Cities, one of our most important community events of the year, is scheduled July 12. This is an opportunity for us to serve special needs young people in providing a day of fun at our field. More info will be coming, but please save the date. Also, your wives or significant others are also invited to help with the kids. The field is looking great, rich green, with no bare spots. Come out and enjoy our hobby.See you at the field!

President’s Update

It’s finally April, and maybe some better flying days!

We had two new members in the last week, Shawn Jones and James Kedesh. Welcome to the club and hope to see you flying soon!

As many of you know I will be out of town for a couple of weeks, but we have some events coming up I want to remind you of.

April 6 and 7 will are hosting a regional IMAC event. The field is closed to general flying both days. This is a good fund raiser for the club as well as a chance to show off our field and our hospitality. Thanks to all who have volunteered, but we could still use some willing hands both days to help with food set up, serving, clean up, etc. So, come on out, give us a hand and see another aspect of our hobby you may not be familiar with.

April 20. Dog run hosted by a local club. This is a fund raiser for our club. The field is closed to flying that day. Some entrants will be arriving Friday afternoon, the 19th, so flying may be limited then. If you are at the field, please be courteous to our guests.

April 27 and 28. There is an IMAC event at  Higgins Field. We have invited MAA members not involved in that event to fly as guests at our field. Let’s welcome them and show off our facility!

April club meeting will be the 4th Tuesday, April 23. The plan now is to have it at the Shiloh Inn, Richland, at 7:00 PM. We will discuss the April events as well as plan for May activities. Remember we are starting an instruction evening each Tuesday from 5 PM until dusk beginning May 7. Inform your friends who may interested in model aviation. We will also begin planning for the pattern event Memorial Day weekend.

Looking forward to a great flying season, and hope to see all of you soon!

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