2020 Annual Meeting

We had a fun and well attended annual meeting.

The ever popular Clyde Crashcup Award was given to George Vargo for his perseverance and tenacity in getting his jet air worthy, still not there, but ever persistent! Thank you, George, for a great example to all of us to stick to our goals!!

Larry reported the financial condition of the club is sound and we can meet all our obligations.
He also reported on plans to replace the metal equipment shed with one we build ourselves. More to come as plans and costs become available.

Scott reported on the FAA Proposed Rule for Unmanned Aircraft Systems. You are encouraged to become familiar with the proposed changes as they severely change the current operation of model airplanes.
The below link is to the AMA website. There is a red banner at the very top taking you to the information. All members are encouraged to write a response. Do not copy and paste the AMA response as “canned” responses are all counted as one response. Write a few sentences of your own and how it affects you personally.

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