January 4 2019

Today presented an absolutely picture perfect day at the field.  Arrived at 10 am this morning to find the field empty – absent of flyers.  So it was me and my Fun Cub to enjoy the morning.  With partially cloudy skies and very little wind, we powered up, proceeded with the pre flight checks and then off to the sky.

I was a bit disappointed that I did not take my trailer, because it was so nice out, I wish I had some of the bigger stuff, but the Fun Cub is my go to plane for all types of flying.  This thing is capable of 3D maneuvers if the right person is on the sticks.  Not quite there yet.  With the field to myself and the sky perfect, we flew 6 batteries.  Great flying, with working on knife edge and inverted figure 8’s.  If I do say so my self, I not ready for competition yet, but am sure having a lot of fun learning.

Until next time, cheers and happy flying.  Jim Anderson

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