Polar Bear Fly 2019

Happy New Year 2019 – Polar Bear Fly

I arrived at the field around 10 am.  John was already at the site setting up.  A few members had arrived and some flying already in progress.  The weather was somewhat good, considering the time of year, with 37 degrees, low to NO winds, partly cloudy skies.

Throughout the day some 20 members showed up at the site, some to fly, some to pay dues, some to chew the fat, some to eat, and or a combination of all of the above.

The flight line consisted of mostly electric fixed wing aircraft with one glow engine and one helicopter.  Good mix of pattern, fun flyers, sport, and trainers.

The menu of the day consisted of;

Baked Potatoes
Hot Italian Sausages in a Marinara Sauce
Smoked Peperoni
Tomato Soup
Three Cheese Blend
Home Baked Bread
Corn Bread
Banana Bread
Thanks to all who contributed to a great lunch.  Baked Potato, smothered in Italian Sausage Marinara, topped with Three Cheese blend, MMMGood.

The combinations to the locks have been changed.  Please contact John to pay your dues and get the new combination.

Enjoy the pictures of the day, posted below.  Cheers (click on a picture to enlarge)

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